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Hi, I'm Rhone Lahr and I invented and patented The GAS GETTER.  My wife Pat and I have been amateur wine makers for over 35 of our 55 plus years of marriage.  In January 2008, we formed Cilla's Villa, LLC.  We were probably old enough to know better than to start something like this but we were very excited about The Gas Getter and this seemed the best way to get it into the hands of our fellow wine makers.  So far, its been an education and an adventure.  We think its been be fun to watch our "mom and pop" company grow as the GAS GETTER becomes popular in the wine making community.

Come join us!  We are definitely looking forward to hearing our customer's ideas, questions and comments.

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Rhone Lahr, Owner

Mailing Address:    106 Hickory Point
                             McCormick, South Carolina 29835-2725

Phone:    (864) 602-0221

Email:    gasgetter@wctel.net

Website:    www.winegasgetter.com


In the news:

Wine Maker MagazineFeatured in Wine Maker Magazine

The Gas Getter was featured in the April-May 2009 Wine Maker Magazine as a new and exciting product for De-Gassing.

YouTube Video Demonstrations
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Customer Testimonials
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