The GAS GETTER is a REVOLUTIONARY new degassing wine device that allows you to dramatically modernize your “Fermentation On Premise” facility with very little investment. It saves your business large amounts of time and lowers wine production and storage costs, and greatly improves the quality of your customer’s finished wine. Better wine means more repeat customers and referrals, which helps your business grow.

Presently, there are over 60 happy "on premise" facilities using The Gas Getter.  Several of those are "properly" degassing over 6,000 units annually.

Mark Whalen's Wine Butler in Toronto nearly doubled to over 6,000 units in one 18-month period!  He had to expand and buy a second Gas Getter model 207-24 unit. He recently nearly doubled his capacity again and has purchased a 207-40 to support it. He once commented "its so fast that you can do 2-3 sets in a day.  Its great!"  That's it....up to 264 units a day with absolutely NO physical degassing labor!  His employees are doing "other chores" while his wine is degassing.

John Pritchard of Divine Wines in Chilliwack, BC says “Your system clears quicker and better, which means we can run more through a set of pads…The big savings is in labor”. In other e-mails John has said that it saves him “at least 25% in time and labor and the Gas Getter paid for itself in the first month”. He points out that faster product “turn over” means less storage space and fewer carboys are required. One of his funnier comments “our employees would leave or kill me if we went back to the old system”.

The Gas Getter modernizes your commercial wine production facility because it removes about 5 times the amount of CO2 (and probably other gasses) generated during fermentation as compared to the gasses removed by a popular 5 to 10 minute agitation method using a reversible drill equipped with a rod and whip attached. Here’s what that does for you and your customer:

- Your wine tastes better immediately.  Your customers are drinking their wine at or near its peak in about 90 minutes.
- The wine clarifies better. So, your filter pads process more carboys. One U-Vintner has quit filtering all together! Call me at 864-602-0221 for details.
- There is absolutely no “labor intensive” work to get these results.
- Your employees are performing other duties during the hour it takes for degassing.
- There is no cavitating, whipping or violent agitation. You can gently degas your wine in an enclosed system. It’s treated with respect. It’s not beaten.
- You greatly diminish the chances customers having corks pop out during storage. You could set yourself up for some unhappy folks if corks pop and rugs or wine is ruined.

Since it is an enclosed system:

- There is no chance of oxidized wine.
- There are no messes to clean up.
- There is no need for “clean up areas”.

Since an ordinary 2 or 5 HP compressor provides the power:

- It does all the work. There is simply no step that is labor intensive.
- The system is as portable as your air compressor hose connection.
- There are no drills to hold or wear out.

You set you compressor at 65 PSI and it does all the work for you. My first customer said “you just set it and forget it”.

Note: For best results your wine temperature should be 65° Fahrenheit or higher.

So, there you have the short list (there’s more) on how the Gas Getter can inexpensively modernize your facility and attract more satisfied customers.

The Gas Getter Model 207-6 will degas up to six 5 or 6 U.S. gallon glass carboys at one time in about one hour, It requires a minimum 2 HP compressor to operate. It has a 90-day no-questions asked return guarantee and a 1-year parts and workmanship guarantee. Its cost is only $174.95 plus S&H*. That includes a $25 vacuum retainer. The Models 207-12 for degassing 12 carboys at one time is only $349.95 plus S&H**. The Model 207-18 for degassing 18 carboys at one time in about 90 minutes is only $524.95 plus S&H**. The Model 207-24 for degassing up to 24 carboys at one time in about 90 minutes is only $699.95 plus S&H**. All of the last three models require a 5 HP compressor for operation and their costs do include the proper number of vacuum retainers. THAT’S A GREAT VALUE!!

*Shipping & Handling $10 in USA and $25 outside of USA

**Shipping & Handling $17 in USA and $47 outside USA

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Call Rhone at 864-602-0221 and we’ll talk about your facility before we place the order.


The GAS GETTER is available in 8 different models:

  • Gas Getter Model 205-1
  • Gas Getter Model 205-4
  • Gas Getter Model 207-1
  • Gas Getter Model 207-4
  • Gas Getter Model 207-6
  • Gas Getter Model 207-12
  • Gas Getter Model 207-18
  • Gas Getter Model 207-24

Also Available:

The Vacuum Retainer which can control the vacuum and provide continued freshness.

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