finally.....degassing wine is easy!

The Gas Getter is an affordable compressed-air-powered vacuum system that degasses wine quickly and easily with very little physical work involved.  No more spending time and effort with electric drills, rods, spoons and cleaning up messes......and your wine will taste better than ever. The Gas Getter makes wine making alot more enjoyable.

Invented by a life-long wine maker, The Gas Getter is a multi-carboy wine degassing device that can degas up to 24 five or six gallon glass carboys of wine at a time in 90 minutes or less (Model #207-24).  The Gas Getter has no moving parts and comes with a one-year guarantee against parts and workmanship and a 90-day "No Questions Asked" return policy.

Wine Making is fun, but The Gas Getter makes wine production even more fun.  Now you can enjoy most of your wines at or near their peak as soon as they have fermented and cleared!  Just degas it and use any clarifier that you may desire.  The next day it is ready to bottle, sip and savor.  (See our Testimonials page.)  Every wine club, U-Vint or serious amateur wine maker should have The Gas Getter. 

Our Guarantee:

All GAS GETTER units have a 90 day "no questions asked" guarantee.  Just return the unharmed unit and we will return all of your costs including your return postage.  In addition, there is a 1 year warranty against faulty parts and workmanship.


In the news:

Wine Maker MagazineFeatured in Wine Maker Magazine

The Gas Getter was featured in the April-May 2009 Wine Maker Magazine as a new and exciting product for De-Gassing.

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