Customer Testimonials

"Earlier this year, I purchased your Model 205 Gas Getter.  My main reason for this purchase was to have an inexpensive and non-labor intensive way to de-gas young wines, especially whites.  Unlike Red wines in barrels, most of my whites are in carboys and do not require the year plus aging before bottling.  So this year, I de-gassed my Sauvignon Blanc wine with your Gas Getter.  I was very impressed with the outcome.  Not only did The Gas Getter easily de-gas the wine, it allowed me to bottle immediately after.  The other big plus was the wine turned out much smoother and tastier after de-gassing.  The proof of this came after entering the wine in the 2009 California State Fair homemade wine competition where I picked up a Double Gold Medal in the competition.  This is my best wine to date, and I can't wait to try it on other whites as well as reds in the near future.  Keep up the good work."  -- Gary Day, Home Winemaker, Somerville, CA (USA).

Recently, WineMaker Magazine awarded its coveted "U-Vinter of the Year" to Don Stewart's Grapes 4 U Facility of Delta, British Columbia for the third year in a row!  Don won 9 medals, his wife 3 and his customers 35 for a total of 47 prestigious medals out of 107 entries - all used The Gas Getter!

"....I have tried your unit 907.  It is really amazing.  The difference in the character of the wine after 20 minutes on your unit is very noticeable.  I am very pleased with what I have seen in the first day of use."  -- Ron Kozub, The Wine Garden, Font Hill, Ontario (Canada)

"....Exceeded my expectations of what I expected to get from The Gas Getter.  Seriously, your product is unmatched by anything out there."  -- John Coriasco, Robbinsville, NJ (USA)

"We have been using the degasser for about 5 months and it has saved us alot of work and money.  Between it and going to a different stabilization system, we have cut the work load by at least 25% and employee wages by 71%....our employees would leave or kill me if I went back to the old system!"  --John Pritchard, Divine Wines, Chilliwack, BC (Canada)

"Rhone, thank you for inventing the Gas Getter.  The device is a total life saver with degassing my wine and has made them taste so much better."  --Kevin Pfister, Holland, NY (USA).  Kevin won a bronze medal at the 2012 WineMaker Magazine Conference.

"....Is removing gas (from wine)----desirable---of course it is: is it necessary----not if you let it age long enough. I think that the simple answer is that it accelerates the aging process. in other words, my wine is ready to bottle now after 10 days (instead of 28 days) and is probably equivalent to the kit wine that has been aged for several months or maybe years. In any case I'm not selling my Gas Getter; I just think it beats the hell out of the electric drill and whip method."  --Ted Hansen, retired research and development engineer and veteran wine maker McCormick, SC (USA)

Our Guarantee:

All GAS GETTER units have a 90 day "no questions asked" guarantee.  Just return the unharmed unit and we will return all of your costs including your return postage.  In addition, there is a 1 year warranty against faulty parts and workmanship.

In the news:

Wine Maker MagazineFeatured in Wine Maker Magazine

The Gas Getter was featured in the April-May 2009 Wine Maker Magazine as a new and exciting product for De-Gassing.

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Rhone Lahr, inventor of The Gas Getter, and Expert Wine Taster Kim Shannon discuss the process of wine degassing.  Click here for the video...

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